Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver Reviews

Braun 5 5090

Braun has done it again, folks! The new Braun 5 5090 series delivers a new shaver quipped with a motor that gives you 20% more power than before, which also provides high-speed cutting—even on thicker hair!

With its FlexMotionTec it allows for 3x more skin contact than its previous series with little skin pressure, which in return results in minimal skin irritations.

Newly redesigned series looks better, performs better, and leaves your skin FEELING better. The MacroMotion pivots at a 40 degree angle allowing the shaver to contour larger areas of your face with as much skin contact as possible for an electric shaver because we all no that manual shavers provide the most optimal contact.


This shaver comes packed with new innovations. Let’s check what they have to offer us!

• Lift& Cut – With the UltraActiveLift Middle Trimmer say goodbye to unruly flat-lying hairs and hello to the special oscillating trimmer brought to you by Braun 5. This trimmer gets the job done in tough to manage areas while using fewer strokes.

• PowerDrive – The PowerDrive feature delivers 20% more power for more efficient cutting and works well on thicker hair, too!

• CrossHair Blade – When you have hairs that grow in different directions the crosshair blades will capture the hairs (even the shortest of hair stubbles) for a nice close shave.

The cleaning process of this shaver is so very effortless and so very easy with its touch of a button feature that requires you to only put the shaver head down which is amazing since that’s the area that needs the cleaning the most and with a push of one button the alcohol mixture sanitizes and cleans your shaver successfully!

• Due to the effective and powerful motor of this series once can have a much better experience and closer shave in a short span of time

• The charging station is top notch (aside from some noise) it performs with four functions at a time; washes, lubricates, charges and chooses a cleaning program so that it is fully ready for its next shave. Place the shaver face down for optimal sanitizing.

• Very good for those suffering with sensitive skin, leaves little to no skin irritations


• It has been said that the cleaning station can be loud

• They need to develop a longer cord as this series has a rather short cord

• The cartridges for the cleaning station can ding your wallet a bit as you need to replace them often.

Overall, I really like this shaver, as you can use it wet or dry and the cleaning station (although it can be loud) is a terrific feature for its hygienic reasons. I like how the motor is 20% more efficient than other models and the shaver doesn’t feel cheaply made.
However, I will mention that the shaver leaves your skin feeling irritation free, I will note that it doesn’t provide the closest shave that some other higher-end models provide. You win some and you lose some. So if your object is to have your skin not feeling burned and in pain then this shaver is great or if you don’t mind the pain because you rather a closer shave then seek elsewhere.

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