braun cooltec ct2cc shaver

Pack up your winter coats and gloves as we take a trip to the Artic. No need to update your passports. This journey begins in the convenience of your own bathroom.

Let me introduce you to Braun CoolTec Shaver that puts the ool in cool. This series takes shaving without skin discomfort to a whole new level.


Simple. All electric shavers produce heat, as long as the shaver is turned on and doing its job the heat will travel onto your skin continuously delivering frequent skin irritations—Not fun!! With this heat, results in rashes, burns, ingrown hairs and the ever so lovely, breakouts.

Now here’s where I begin discussing Braun’s CoolTec innovative cooling technology. As you shave, the shaver is gliding over every contour of your face and following each stroke you get hit with an appreciated cooling effect. You can feel your skin cooling as much as 20 degrees reducing and most importantly preventing razor burns.

Here’s the kicker. You can achieve this coolness factor WITHOUT shave lotions and cooling gels. Wow! Wait, there’s more.


• SensoBlades are uniquely designed to grab onto each hair in any direction

• 45 minutes of continuous shave while having it cordless

• Adaptable 3-stage cutting system – cutting elements on this razor work independently to adapt to every facial contour providing the closest shave possible

• Active cooling technology – you can literally feel your skin cool down after each stroke WITHOUT cooling gels. No lotions needed with this shaver.


If all the features mentioned earlier didn’t send you into a giddy 5 year old let’s talk about the cleaning and charging station.

The Braun CoolTec series is the only brand that uses an alcohol-based cleaning solution that Braun claims to kill 99.999% of germs and bacteria making this the most hygienic out on the market. When your shaver is at its most cleanliness this keeps your shaver running like new giving you a fresh cool shave every morning.

Keep this in mind. If you make sure to clean your shaver at least twice a week you may just need to change out the refill cartridge every 2-3 months to get the most from this shaver.


Got sensitive skin? No worries. This shaver is top notch for people suffering from sensitive skin because of its thermo-electric cooling technology this shaver has. All electronics generate heat but to have that heat offset by a cooling effect is crazy-smart on behalf of the creator of the Braun CoolTec.


Did you really think you were going to get through this article without at least ONE trip back to reality? All things perfect do come with (although minor) imperfections. This means bad for you beard-endowed folks out there. The Al Borland’s of the world will not benefit from this shaver. Although, with time and patience I’m pretty sure Braun if not other brands will incorporate this new cooling technology on other models geared to the thicker beard types.


Nope. I’m like this shaver a lot! You don’t need messy gels and foams with that comes money saved on those products, you cannot (unless you’re stranded on the Andes Mountains on the coldest day) dislike the cooling effect that this shaver gives!!! I recommend this shaver.