Braun Series 7 799CC


Braun’s newest arrival…

You can expect to achieve a close shave (the most you can expect from an electric shaver—manual is the best in terms of close shave) as this series comes fully loaded with a sonic technology that delivers you with 10,000 micro vibrations per minute, capturing more hair than ever before while being fast and efficient.

This shaver is very self-sufficient. Just touch one button and watch this razor become self-lubricating, self-charging, and self-cleaning. That’s a lot from just one push of a button.

For just a little extra cash for the Braun Electric Shaver you can get the same features plus more. This newer series comes in a Wet & Dry mode. Not bad for just a few extra dollars. Just check out this site: Best electric shaver reviews to see what others are saying!



  • Want a shave that is close and that will last longer? Braun introduces its latest in foils, the OptiFoil. The OptiFoil is super ergonomic that it will grab onto all your hairs and delivering the shortest cut ever achieved before with their shavers.
  • Active Lift- Battle those flat-lying hairs no more with this shavers Active Lift. Taking control over the hard to manage areas leaving your face cut free.
  • Captures more hair in less strokes with its wet & dry pulsonic technology–Cutting at 10,000 micro vibrations.


In a hurry and don’t have time to wait on a full charge, the Braun 799 cc will allow you a 50 minute shave on just a 5 minute charge up. Its flexible shaving system let’s the shaver adjust to your own facial

contours while giving you use of its three personalized mode settings. A shaver meant just for you!


The speed on this shaver may be too overwhelming for some of you and especially if you’re trying to shave delicate areas, like around your ears.

The cleaning station is kind of bulky and won’t be great to travel with.

If you don’t normally keep up with the cleaning of your shavers then this one is not meant for you. You have to be a little excessive with the cleaning to keep it running at its top peak performance otherwise see yourself replacing parts often.


Overall, this shaver is the newest from the Braun family, it’s a little pricey and may be too intense in speed for some people, but it does deliver on its promises. Fast and efficient with both Wet & Dry setting this shaver is sure to stay on the top list for a while.