Getting Around Brunswick Just Got Easier...
for Everyone

The new Brunswick Explorer provides public transit service throughout Brunswick. Buses run hourly, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For work, for shopping, for school or just for fun...Brunswick Explorer is the bus for everyone.

Route and Schedule

The Brunswick Explorer route serves the locations shown at the right. Click here for a detailed route map. The map shows the location of all designated bus stops and major destinations near each stop.

The Brunswick Explorer schedule shows the time the bus arrives at each stop, both in eastbound and westbound directions. Click here for the complete Explorer schedule.

Brunswick Explorer Bus Stops

All Brunswick Explorer bus stops are clearly signed as shown here. Each stop is served hourly at the same time past the hour. In addition, the bus serves a number of request stops. Click here for details about request stops.

Fares and Passes

The basic bus fare is $1.00 per ride or $2.00 for an all day pass. Brunswick Explorer also offers money saving passes. Click here for details on passes.


Brunswick Explorer buses are wheelchair accessibile and have bike racks. For persons with disabilities who are unable to get to the bus stop, the bus will deviate up to 3/4-mile off the route to pick up or drop off. For more information about deviation service, click here.

Hybrid Electric Buses

Our buses are easy to use and easy on the environment. They are hybrid electric for less emissions and lower fuel consumption.