It’s 4:30 P.M and you only have thirty minutes until freedom and the girl in the next cubicle wants to have a drink with you, yessssss! Then you feel your face for that after hours shadow. No girl wants to get scratched up when trying to get close. Not a problem when you’re prepared with your MobileShaver M-60b.
Small meets Big results
Don’t let this shaver’s size fool you it is high in quality, top rated technology and sports a stylish design. When you want to look your best ALL DAY long, this shaver should have a spot in your glove compartment.
Many of the electric shaver’s are rechargeable but with the MobileShave M-60b you’re covered with just two AA batteries, Ideal in situations where you lose power or are out camping.
It’s equipped with a cool twist cap that you can also use as a handle for a more comfortable grip.
This shaver utilizes Smart Foil that consists of special foil designs that grabs and cuts hair in opposite directions.

The clean up process with this shaver is a breeze. Its waterproof and doesn’t need to be taken apart—simply run the shaver under water—bada bing bada boom, clean!


• No guesswork about when it’s time to clean this shaver as it has a time to clean indicator that will make sure you get the smoothest shave at all times.

• Cordless. No need to search for an outlet to charge your shaver as it just needs two AA batteries. The portability of this shaver is great it will fit relatively anywhere.

• Washable- Run under water and that’s all you need.

• No irritation has been reported with this mobile shaver so you can expect a redness free dry shave.


• Okay the idea of it being battery operated is highly convenient but have you seen the prices of batteries these days? Crazy expensive! That wouldn’t be a large problem except for the fact that the batteries are only good for a 45-minute shave. Which means, if it takes you 10-12 minutes to shave then expect to replace those costly batteries every 4 days or so. Use this shaver as a back up and not an every day shaver. *TIP purchase rechargeable batteries and this will not be an issue.

• You may have to do two or three shaves on the same spot to get all the hairs.


For it being meant for the times where you need to freshen up in a pinch this shaver does a great job and it won’t cost you much as it’s very cheap without being cheaply made.

I like the low maintenance clean up process. The cleaning indicator alerts you when in need of a cleaning and you just run under water and bam! Clean.

The batteries will get expensive so as mentioned earlier, I would invest in rechargeable batteries since you will only get 45 –minutes of shave time from two AA batteries.
…I’ll give it one thumb up instead of two, as this shaver is great ONLY as a back up.


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